What Makes Kentico a Good Choice for Your Next Project?

We live in a modern digital era where no business can be successful without having an online presence. Unless you are a small business owner who is not interested in boosting your brand, you need to have a website. Companies can attract new customers and grow their business values using the website. One thing that plays a significant role in creating and maintaining a successful website is CMS (Content Management System). With several Enterprise Content Management Solutions available in the market today, it can be a difficult task to choose the right one for your website. Kentico is undoubtedly the most famous CMS that comes with enterprise-level functionality for the mid-size and high-range companies.

Reasons to Choose Kentico over Other CMS Solutions

Let’s find out what Kentico CMS is capable of and why it is still a good choice for your upcoming project.

  • More Secure

As security is one of the top concerns for any organization, it is important that you choose the CMS with advanced security features. With Kentico, one need not worry about getting the website hacked and data being compromised. Kentico is different from other CMS that comes with security exploits and needs additional plugins. For more info, you can check the Website development company in Australia.

  • No Dependency

Without the dependency on third-party modules, Kentico comes with functionality that makes it easy to develop websites. While other open-source CMS may depend on the network of developers to produce plugins that fill in the functionality gaps.

  • Easy Usage & Customization

No programming skills or HTML are needed to use the Kentico CMS, as it is very easy to use and can be customized as per the specific business needs. There is no need to depend on developers to run and manage your website. It also takes lesser time to develop complex websites using Kentico as compared to other CMS solutions.

  • All-in-one Marketing Support

Whether you are looking for SEO or email marketing, Kentico CMS offers a wide range of marketing and promotional tools you need for your business website. Some of the main marketing tools supported by Kentico CMS are integrated campaign marketing, marketing automation, lead scoring, A/B testing, etc.

  • Better Content Management

With the handy tools in Kentico CMS, anyone can create, edit, and publish content from any mobile device at any time. Regardless of the size and complexity of the website, Kentico makes it easy for users to manage, track and approve updated content at any stage. 

  • GDPR Support

Kentico is unique with features like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that help to comply with the strict data regulations. While many other open-source CMS such as WordPress does not come with such features. 

  • New improvements in Kentico 12

Another best thing about the latest version, Kentico 12 is that it offers great support for ASP.NET MVC with the ability to integrate with different components in the dynamic environment. The new features added include MVC Page Builder, Content Personalization, Form Builder, etc.

  • Mobile Friendly

Users today are addicted to mobile phones & the majority traffic of websites comes from mobile devices. That is why it is important for business owners to make their websites run on mobile. With the help of the inbuilt design capabilities, any dynamic website can be created on any device using Kentico CMS.

Closing Statement After going through the points stated above, we can say how Kentico is better than any other open-source CMS solutions. If you wish your website to be a great success, you must choose Kentico, as it offers a wide range of features, endless flexibility, better security and many more. Let your business grow and increase your customer base making the most of the Kentico CMS. Not convinced, yet? Talk to the experts of the top Kentico CMS development company and unlock the immense benefits of choosing the right CMS.

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