Top 5 WooCommerce Stock Management Plugins

It is no secret that as your online business grows, the demand for your products increases and your sole supplier will not be able to meet it. Therefore, every woo-commerce website must have a WooCommerce stock management WordPress plugin.

More recommended set of plugins:

  • Vulnerability Scanner WordPress Plugins
  • Audio player WordPress plugins
  • Knowledge Base WordPress Plugins

If you are hunting high and low on the internet for this plugin, you can see that dozens of them are there, which can be a bit overwhelming. So, here we are sharing 5 Best WooCommerce Stock Management Plugins which are our top recommendations, plus they are currently ruling the market.

1.TradeGecko – Inventory WordPress Plugins

Looking for a full-on inventory management solution for your e-commerce WordPress website? TradeGecko is a dedicated WordPress inventory and order management platform that lets you organize your business quickly.

It is designed to control your stock in multiple business locations, sales management, and automates your purchase order and requirements process from a single platform.

TradeGecko is providing mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch that lets you manage stocks and orders at remote locations with your handy smartphone.

To better understand your sales channel, a native integration of QuickBooks will allow you to track your sales and unsold sales. It will monitor analysis of accounting, taxation, shipping, where sales start, what is selling, who is doing what and more.

Features of TradeGecko

  • Customer and supplier management
  • Manage multiple WooCommerce stores
  • Multi-Channel Sales Management
  • Manage orders and fulfillments easily
  • Keep stock levels up to date on all sales channels


  • For single domain license: $ 10
  • 5-Domain License: $ 40
  • Developer License: $ 250

2. Scanventory

Scanner inventory management is designed to remotely control your inventory from your smartphone or mobile QR scanner.

In addition to other inventory management systems, Scanventry is built keeping in mind the essential requirements, along with being an easy code scanner that allows you to easily create custom inventory labels and update instantly.

Scanventry is all things at once, such as log reports, allowing you to audit inventory elegantly, which is why thousands of WordPress-based online businesses are already using it to stream their Woocommerce online streams Are to flourish.

Scanventory Features

  • Predefined label layout are easily available for popular and common office labels
  • You can easily create label 
  • Works with all printers
  • Tracks inventory changes
  • Adds security and audit trails
  • Uses WordPress’s built-in user management system
  • Audit inventory changes easily
  • Detailed inventory report for simple and varied products


Grab this all-in-one plugin for $ 29.

3. Veeqo 

Veeqo is a WooCommerce stock management tool that helps retailers manage their entire back end. You can manage different WooCommerce stores as well as many other sales channels, shipping carriers, accounting integrations, and more. Veeqo will feed from all these channels into a single, central platform where you can see sales and inventory figures.

With Veeqo you can control how many stock shows on your site, edit product information for multiple stores in one place and allow you to list items from your WooCommerce store on other channels. When you sell in one of your channels, Veeqo will update all your other stores for you.

You can also manage orders and select and pack orders from within the system. A mobile app is also available to manage your store, as well as Veeco’s own barcode scanner, which can be used to manage and take stock.

Features of Veeqo – WooCommerce Stock Management Plugin

  • Create product kits and bundles while keeping stocks and inventory accurate.
  • Customize paperwork for different brands and sales channels.
  • Build multiple warehouses and sync the inventory in all of them.
  • Pinpoint is exactly where the products are located in your warehouse.
  • See the full history of the conversation.
  • Bulk edits all your inventory in a few clicks.
  • Manage your inventory from anywhere in the world with a smartphone app.


Pricing starts at $ 180 / month.

4. Rapid Stock Manager 

Rapid Stock Manager is another WordPress Support stock management plugins. It automatically updates your stock list, manages it and simultaneously audits all the information. It is the time-saving customizability of Rapid Stock Manager that makes it so attractive in the CodeCanyon marketplace.

This plugin helps you set a low stock indicator, which means that you instantly know what is in short stock to take immediate action.

This audit records every action on uploaded stock, allowing you to finally track “who” and “when” the stock amount for a given product. This shows the decline caused by fraudsters on your WordPress site. In the end, you will fall in love with a fast stock manager because it can be personally personal.

Key features of this theme are as follows: 

  • Set/adjust stock quantity for simple products
  • Excel, Google spreadsheet, OSX number to allow easy copy/paste, further filtering, and calculation
  • A change in each stock inventory amount made by the rapid stock manager is recorded
  • Stock audit report – date range or multiple SKUs to display stock and inventory modifications of the product. 


It has a pricing of $46.

5. Katana for WooCommerce 

Katana is a modern WooCommerce plugin that conforms to scaling manufacturers that easily manage raw material inventory, schedule operations, create a bill of materials, and monitor floor-level production.

Thanks to its visual and intuitive dashboard, the Katana is the easiest tool of its kind. As it easily integrates with WooCommerce, it allows you to keep track of your entire business operations from a centralized point of truth. You can integrate one or several WooCommerce stores, as well as accounting software such as QuickBooks or other business essentials.

Katana features for WooCommerce:

  • Track both finished goods and raw material availability
  • Bill of Materials for Products and Variants
  • Plan production according to order of priority
  • Manage multiple WooCommerce stores
  • Multichannel sales support
  • Manufacturing floor level control
  • Calculation of manufacturing cost


14-day free trial

Starts at $ 79/month


So after having a long conversation, we came to the conclusion that stock management is very important for any kind of business. In this article, we have studied some of the best Woocommerce stock management plugins which are very helpful in managing the stocks and inventory of your website.

By using these theme you can keep a track record of all the stocks and inventory of your online store. We hope that you really like this article and if you have any queries and suggestions then inform us through the comment box.

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