How to use GoPayment On Quickbooks?

This time the digital time, in this time we take some cash because of every person using the smartphone they can transaction by the UPI and account transfer the fund online now time the baking application is installed in the phone we can do anything by the bank application by the UPI we can to directly transfer to one account to another account.

In the QuickBooks, we can do it also we can do pay online by the Debit and Credit card, it is very safe and we can check all transactions by the mini statement of the account and we can also take the 3 months transaction statement by the net banking. if you face any problem then you contact our QuickBooks helpline number.

How you can do the payment 

You can do three types of payment:-

  • UPI transactions 
  • Online payment 
  • Swap machine
  • Cash 

You are doing the use of some UPI transaction application like PayTm, phone pe, free recharge mobile application to make UPI transaction,

There was an option for the UPI transaction when you can transaction with a shopkeeper we can to this payment by the mobile number and barcode.

When you are doing online shopping there come many options to make transactions like Debit card, Credit card, COD( Cash On Delivery ) when we have to right to choose how we can make the payment then we choose the best option of the payment to make the payment.

Swap machine is also available in the big shop and malls and petrol pump,

You can do transaction only cash and card payment and UPI trow lets come to the main point 

When we goto the payment windows then the vendor is given some options to make a payment, when you are doing the transaction by the account you can change the payment method. A new seller is doing use pay bills windows to make a one-time payment to a new vendor or new vendor used your company regularly after the complete transaction you can check the record of the payment account is registered or not. QuickBooks software provides our services QuickBooks Gopayment using these services you can easily get the payments to our customers, all credit card payments are accepted in Go payment services.

QuickBooks how to receive the payment 

Many times small business owners require that they accept partial payment from a customer or pay only part of the vendor invoice.QuickBooks prompts for the full amount due when creating invoices or paying bills. However, you can enter partial payments in QuickBooks in the same way that you record full-amount payments.

There is some step to make payment to the vendor:

  1. Open the QuickBooks portal
  2. Then select the Vendor options, then click the pay bills and enable the show bills options.
  3. Select the bill, and check the amount of the bill and fill in the amount select option.
  4. You can take the suitable option to make payment.
  5. Select the invoice which you want to make of payment partial in the invoice list and do the mark on the invoice in the select button.
  6. Fill the payment in the payment column
  7. You take print of the payment receipt for the customer if hi is want the receipt of the payment.
  8. Save and close the payment window.

Why take payment in QuickBooks online is important?

It is the most important In which we have a record all payment by giving the vendor and the account is also updated date to date and show in the invoice receivable amount of the vendor. In QuickBooks, we can check all payments of all vendors at any time. So this very important to take payment in the Quickbooks.


In the above article, we can define how to get run your payments if you got any problem in payments and accountant related problem our experts gets the best solution just dial our QuickBooks Customer Service phone number.

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