How to get a Business visa to Australia

Are you ready to go international? Do you wish to make your business reach globally? What another country could be best than Australia? There is no barrier to take your business international. You can turn your dreams into reality. However, you need to learn what it’s going to take to start a business in another country. 

Before executing the idea of going global, you simply need to be fully aware of the challenges that you will come across. The challenges can simply be resolved and the first step to resolve is to apply for a business visa. 

You never know how stressful moving to a new country can be. But at the same time, all these stress and hard work can turn in one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have. For your convenience, we are going to discuss how to get a business visa to Australia in brief.

But first of all!

What is Business Visa?

Australia is an ideal country to grow your business. With its highly advanced infrastructure and a strong economy expanding your career options becomes easy.

Australian Business Visa attracts successful business professionals to settle and to create new business opportunities and contribute to the Australian economy.  

There are two ways to enter Australia on Business skills: 

  1. Provincial Visa with eligibility for PR after a successful business in Australia. 
  2. PR visa sponsored by the Australian government.

Types of Business Visas

Australia offers a variety of Business visas. These visas are based on the requirements of the professionals according to their business prospects such as Short-term business visa, temporary, or permanent business visas.

These visas can allow you to travel in or out of Australia for business purposes, start up a new business venture on the Australian soil or invest in business already established in Australia and contribute to the economy.

The Business Skills Program have four segments:

1.   Business Owner category for people who own or are partners of a business.

2.   Senior Executives for executives in big businesses all over the world. 

3.   Investor category for professional willing to invest in Australian business.

  • Business talent category for high-caliber business people.

How long does a Business visa in Australia lets you stay?

The expiration of your Business visa depends on the visa to visa. A short-term business visa allows you to stay in the country for 90 days on each visit to Australia. The total validity of the visa is of 12 months. You are allowed to enter or leave Australia multiple times as long as your visa and passport are valid.

Where as, a permanent business visa permits you to stay for up to 4 years and 3 months. 

Eligibility for a Business visa in Australia

The requirements vary depending on one type to another. Different business visas have different eligibility criteria.

ETA and visitor Visa

This visa is ideal for professionals who want to:

·        Carry out general business and employment inquiries.

·        Attend official events.

·        Participate in seminars or trade fairs without receiving any remuneration.

Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Subclass 188- Provincial)

There are seven streams through which you can apply for this visa. We have jotted down the eligibility criteria for business innovation and investor stream.

You are eligible for this visa if:

·        You are nominated by an Australian state agency.

·        You own a business.

·        Have 800,000 AUD as your total assets.

·        Have acquired 65 points.

·        You are successful in business.

·        You are not older than 55 years.

·        Have no track of unacceptable business involvement.

·        Are good in the English language.

How to apply?

Professionals from all over the world can apply for a type of business visa through visa organizations in Delhi. You can directly apply online at the website of Australian Government Department of Home affairs, or if you are thinking to have an expert guide to establish your business in Australia, you can contact best Australian Immigration Consultants.

Regardless of the path you choose for your business visa, you need to figure out the type of visa you need. Be one step ahead, gather all the required document beforehand.

What is the processing time?

Visa processing demands a huge amount of time out of your busy schedule. Processing time is totally based on the type of profile. If your profile meets all the requirements then the Business visa is no farther from you. Short-term visa takes around 1 or 2 working days and permanent or investor visa may take 4 to six months. 

Do you wish to extend your stay?

You cannot extend the validity of your business innovation and investment visa. If you are looking to extend your stay in Australia, you are required to apply for a new visa. Moreover, you may be eligible for PR is you meet the criteria. 

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