Five must-have features of your online booking app

Living in big cities with heavy traffic and less parking spots drive the people to rely on public transportation, bikes or rental cars to move around without having to pay the parking ticket. This is where car and taxi booking services allow people to benefit from riding individually while eliminating all the parking and maintenance troubles.

How to create an android app like Uber

Car and taxi booking apps are a huge success and have changed the concept of ground transportation. However, creating a car booking app depends on many factors, including the price to hire a developer who understands how to create an android app like Uber and other car booking apps. Here are three essential facets that you need to remember when creating a car booking app.

  • Whether you have an established business and simply want to complement it with the development of an app for car booking or you are a start-up planning on engaging drivers and people who want to lease their vehicle to provide services.
  • The second factor which ensures the success of your project is distance and time taken to arrive at a particular distance.
  • The platforms you need to develop your app.
  • Many businesses prefer their app to be available at all three platforms—Android, iOS, and Windows.

The necessary features of a car booking app

Car booking mobile apps and apps for car hire both have similar characteristics. However, companies like these prefer to have separate apps for drivers and passengers. Some essential features of the booking apps are:

  • API

App development for car booking doesn’t necessarily begin with the simple coding process. It is important to describe all the scenarios for the client’s interaction with the service. The consideration of the scenarios help in planning and building API for the service. you can hire a developer who understands how to create an android app like Uber to start with the development process.

Maps, GPS and routing system

Not just that, it can help you to calculate the duration of your arrival and build routes to reach the destination. You can use Google maps for android to understand which route suits you to arrive at your destination.

Communication and notifications

Although apps like Uber and more offer the users to choose their favorite type of car, it is also necessary for the user to be able to communicate all the necessary details and preferences of the client. This should be done without giving away the actual phone number or data of the users to keep all the private information secure.


These features of an app can help you to be successful in the booming traveling industry. Hire a professional developer to be able to create an app that can make you successful.

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