Download FaceApp APK v3.4.9.1 for Android / iOS Free

Would you like to make you beautiful tough you are not in the real-life? If yes, so, download faceapp apk on your android or ios. Faceapp is one of the famous and amazing apps for making your face more beautiful than before. Improve your face and send your phone on your social media accounts if you have or if you want. With FaceApp APK v3.4.9.1

Make your photos from childhood to the adult and from adult to childhood with many improvements. Faceapp apk can help you in doing it and it can happen the same in the ios or pc provided that you have the devices.

Download FaceApp APK v3.4.9.1:

The selfie problem will remove from you if you will have faceapp apk. Your photo which you will capture from your selfie if you will use it so, that will come most beautiful. The filters which you add in your selfie or in your daily photos are available in the faceapp apk v3.4.9.1. If you have this one on your android or ios so, I hope you will not have any issue in the applications of the face.

The bad reviews are also available on the Google Play Store or also on the iTunes App Store. In the bad reviews, a person is saying that it is danger and some other worse conversation about faceapp apk. It also cuts the photos or saves your photos that’s why he said the unessacry conversation about it.

FaceApp APK v3.4.9.1 Info:

DeveloperFaceApp Inc
Size12 M
UpdateJuly 20, 2019
Requires Android5.0 and up
Download OnUFaceApp

Holly-wood, Bolly-wood and each that actor which you like to become in the future. You may do that now on your mobile now but providing that you have this app means faceapp apk v3.4.9.1. Adjust your face color or those movements it is also on your hands. You may make your face as your brother or your sister and every that person which you like.

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Download FaceApp APK v3.4.9.1 Mirror Links:

Now, it’s time to download faceapp apk on your devices. I don’t know which one you have between Android or iOS that’s why I am giving you both files. If there is any issue or problem in these files so, you may complain about your issue to us. Thanks for downloading faceapp apk.


  1. It is a good app for editing the face
  2. Add awesome magic to your photo
  3. Watch your adulthood or childhood
  4. Change your style and make your social accounts better
  5. Add amazing filters to your photos


  1. It is a danger app for your devices
  2. Your photo will damage and will not be the same as was before
  3. Anyone can make your photo on his mobile
  4. Your personality will also damage your face
  5. The filters won’t work after.

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