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Plagiarism is a massive problem and a big chunk of writers get victimized due to awareness deficiency. To start with, plagiarism is not permissible in any way. It has ramifications because you are using something which has been created by someone else. It takes a lot of sweat and hard work to produce original content so writers own complete rights for it.

This does not mean that the information available on the internet cannot be accessed. Article writers have to make sure that they adopt the recommended process to avoid plagiarism and use the published information in a permissible manner.

Copying content is not the way out in any way. If you want to use online content, it has to be paraphrased. In this way, original authors are given the credit and appreciation they deserve.

Article writers cannot opt for manual paraphrasing

It is not an easy job to deliver as a professional article write. Deadlines are always challenging and these professionals are always expected to deliver quality. Similarly, the originality level cannot be compromised as well. To complete the writing work on time, writers have to opt for time optimized options.

Manual rephrasing results in putting the deadline at risk. Hence, reading each word and rewriting the compiled content does not work for these professionals. Instead, a high ranked paraphrasing tool should be selected to make things simple and effective.

Which paraphrasing tools can you count on?

It is obvious that that you cannot go through each paraphrasing tool and determine whether it is appropriate for usage or not. When you talk about the best 3 tools developed for this purpose, here are the alternatives which require serious consideration.

1.      Prepostseo paraphrasing tool

This tool has a large number of users because it offers the highest efficiency level. Article writers have to deliver content every now and then. At times, they have to rephrase several articles on daily basis. With this quality option, numerous paraphrasing tasks can be completed without dealing with any performance problems. This is not an application that would get stuck or hung when used more than once.

·         Save your time for something productive

It is not an easy task to produce a high standard article. You have to research well, arrange information by checking different sources and then move to paraphrasing. It takes hours to rewrite so much content and this makes it very hard for writers to get done with things on time.  This commendable tool is used by proficient writers as they do not have to think about skipping submission dates. It rewrites the content on instant basis.

·         No part of the content remains unchecked

Has every line of the written content been rewritten? This is an important question which you should ask yourself.  The repercussions are same whether one line of copied content is submitted or the entire article is plagiarized. Being careful is the only way out.

This quality tool runs through each line so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. No part of the content gets ignored. Other than that, the scanning does not take a long span which is another relief for the writers. For them, missing deadlines is not a small problem. Using this technological option helps them in getting done with efficient paraphrasing on time.

·         Usage without financial pressures

Getting hold of a quality tool without spending money is not an easy task. To start with, there are several free tools but most of them are not satisfactory in terms of performance and quality. This paraphrasing tool is 100% free but users do not have to go through any kind of performance related problems.

The tool does not go into a not responding stage at any time. You can perform as many paraphrasing tasks as needed without worrying that the process would be interrupted. Secondly, using the tool for free means that you never have to pay anything for upgradation or registration. If you are an article writer working on freelance basis, this online application should be in your armory.

2.   Paraphrasing tool by Quillbot

Quillbot is a strong option for article writers and other professionals responsible for content submission. There are multiple plus points of using this tool and one of them is a convenient interface.

It is tough for any user to get comfortable with a complex paraphrasing tool. Professional writers have to concentrate on countless tasks so they cannot afford to spend time on understanding features. Secondly, there is no need to do so.

  • If you glance at the features of this tool, they are extremely easy to learn. Copy the content or write it from start in the given text box. There are numerous paraphrasing options to choose from including “fluency” and “standard”. Users can make a selection according to the requirement they have.
  • The usage of this tool does not cost anything which is why writers have a strong preference for it. It can be used online without being apprehensive about completing installations.

3.   Word Ai

This tool offers the preferred combination of free access and online usage. It is used by various user categories including article writers, academic writers as well as students.

  • There is nothing hard to learn about the interface of this tool. You only have to paste the content and the paraphrasing would be completed automatically. It has a strong technical infrastructure due to which the response time is quite less.

Summing it Up

Paraphrasing is absolutely essential for writers whether you are working on an article or drafting a project report. You cannot copy information from the internet and use it without rephrasing. The reason being that you do not have the ownership for it. Using a credible paraphrasing tool helps in producing original content without having sleepless nights. Technology has made life a lot easier and there is simply no need to rewrite each line manually. Make things manageable by using a credible paraphrasing software.

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